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FlexxPump 500 B inquiry

Controlled minimum quantity oil lubrication, battery operated.
Time controlled.


function piston pump
lubricant volume 400 cm3 in cartridge
cartridge refillable no
volume per stroke 0,15 cm3
number of strokes per cartridge cca 2600
operating pressure 50 bar
control time-controlled integrated
lubricant oil
operating temperature - 10o C … + 60o C
operating voltage 6V (battery)
mounting position vertical, cartridge up
pressure monitoring integrated, electronic
level monitoring integrated, reedcontact
protection class IP54
number of outlets max. 2, angled, turnable
outlet for tube 6
number of pump bodies 1
number of lubrication points max. 8
tube length max. 2m in front of the distributor
  max. 6m behind of the distributor
  max. 10m without distributor


FlexxPump 511 B (1 pump, 1 outlet) 235-511-001
FlexxPump 512 B (1 pump, 2 outlets) 235-512-001
cartridge for FP500; 400 cm³; oil OE1 000-201-105
Tube 6x4; filled with grease oil OE1 134-003-051
Tube 6x4; transparent; empty 134-004-002
Oil OE1; 5L can 000-201-503
Batterypack 6V; Alkaline; for FP 500 B 134-002-024