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The production and trade mark HIWIN, which was created by a combination of the words “Hi-tech” and “Winner” (freely interpreted as the winner in high technologies), is today a synonym for high quality components of linear equipment in many countries around the world. The Czech company HIWIN s.r.o., which is connected with its capital with the European manufacturing and trading centre of the HIWIN brand in Offenburg, Germany – HIWIN GmbH, has also been the representative of HIWIN since 2002. The Czech HIWIN s.r.o. is the sole distributor of HIWIN linear equipment in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The major selling arguments of the HIWIN brand all over the world are: the quality of products, prompt deliveries, technical support, and comprehensive customer care.

HIWIN catalogs for download

HIWIN catalogs for download here.

Smaller amounts of linear guideways, ball bushings, guide rods, and ball screws are supplied straight from the HIWIN s.r.o.’s warehouse in Brno, or from the manufacturing plant in Offenburg, Germany.

Larger orders are manufactured in several manufacturing plants in Taiwan, or in Japan or the USA, naturally to high quality and reasonably priced.


HIWIN with higher turnover, higher sales and profit reporting new customers

HIWIN with higher turnover, higher sales and profit reporting new customers

Turnover for 2021 reached 356 mio CZK up 14 % YoY

Covering of the rail by steel cover strip

The roller HIWIN linear guideways of the CGR series guarantee high torque loading capacity, easy mounting, better protection against entry of dust and against wear of the end seal due to cover strip. See more...

HIWIN Profitable in 2020. In C4Q Announcing Growth of 2,7%

HIWIN s.r.o announcing pretax profit of CZK 25 million in 2020 despite the turnover fall. Total income reached CZK 312 million.


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