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Ball bushings

Ball bushings

HIWIN ball bushings enable high precision linear motion on round shafts by utilizing recirculating ball pathways. The patented recirculation curve enables HIWIN linear bushings to sustain heavy loads with low noise and high stiffness.


Compact ball bushing

The outer sheel is made of steel, the cage is plastic. Balls are Grade 10. The wipers are vulcanised onto the endring.

Clearance adjustable bushing UBM-AJ

Bushings with slit for adjustment of the clearance.

Open bushing UBM-OP

Open linear bushings are to be used on supported shafts

Compact ball bushing JBL / LML long

Compact tandem ball bushing Delivery term on request

Flanged ball bushing JBK / LMK

Flanged ball bushing with square flange.

Flanged ball bushing JBKL long / LMKL

Flanged ball bushing long with square flange.

Flanged ball bushing JBFL / LMFL long

Flanged ball bushing long with round flange.

Flanged ball bushing JBF

Flanged ball bushing with round flange. Delivery term on request

Ball bushing with central flange LMEKC

Kompaktní přírubové pouzdro s centrální čtvercovou přírubou. Dodací termín na popt…