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Ball spline

This is a single (FS, FSR and RS) or combined (FBR) mechanical component, specially designed to achieve linear or rotary motion. It is mainly composed of a spline shaft and a spline nut with a ball cage. All series have six rows of balls acting on six ball tracks arranged in pairs and staggered by 120°.

All series can be supplied with a solid or fully hollow shaft over its entire length.

The angular contact of the balls allows them to withstand radial loads and torques (torsion and bending). The ball spline can withstand high loads while maintaining a compact structure. Extremely precise linear movement can be achieved with the recirculation of the balls between the nut and the shaft.

The optimized design of the retaining cages provides high speed guided movement under acceleration and deceleration and secures the steel balls firmly in place even when the spline nut is removed from the spline shaft.

Applications: Industrial robots, laser machines, automatic transfer machines, automatic loading machines


Cylindrical bushing RS

The shape of the cylindrical spline nut with fixing through feather key allows for easy mounting.

Flanged nut FS

The shape of the spline nut with flange hole allows for easy mounting.

Flanged rotating nut FSR

The spline shaft with rotating nut in the FSR series is specially designed to allow linear…