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Linear technology machine elements must be adequately supplied with lubricant to ensure correct functioning and a long service life. The lubricant is a constructional element and should already be taken into consideration when designing a machine. The operating temperature rage and operating and ambient conditions must be considered when selecting a lubricant.


Direct lubrication system FlexxPump 400 DLS

Automatical grease-lubrication for ball screws spindle and linear rails directly pulse-controlled by PLC.

Lubrication grease HIWIN PLO-05

Lubrication grease for linear guideways and ball screws for standard use

Grease guns

We offer 2 types of grease guns incl. set of nozzles

Lubrication grease HIWIN G0

HIWIN offers lubrication grease G0 for different use.


Oil SH-1000 for filling of E2 lubrication unit

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