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Flanges for motors / KK100 inquiry

Linear KK axes can be supplied including flanges for different types and manufacturers of servomotors or stepper motors. If no flange dimension is not correct, it is possible to produce a special "customer" motor flange.

Example ordering code linear axis KK:

F0 - standard design without motor flange
F1 - with motor flange type F1
F2 - with motor flange type F2
H0 - standard flange F0 replaced by a flange H0 - with free shaft (for pulley, gearbox, ....)
Fx - with a special customer motor flange, if it is not possible to select from standard dimensions

Part number Servo Hiwin Flange type Nema 3D (STP)
KK-100-F0 FRLS20, FRLS40 -
KK-100-F1 FRMS75 -
KK-100-F2 - -
KK-100-F3 - -
KK-100-F4 - NEMA34
KK-100-F5 - -
KK-100-F7 - -

Dimensions flanges for KK100