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Линейни водачи

Линейни водачи

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The HIWIN linear guideways of the RG/QR series use rollers as rolling elements. The RG/QR series is designed with a 45° contact angle. Its linear contact surface greatly…

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Owing to the small size of guideway, this series is designed for very light applications. The guideway is made in stainless design.

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Positioning measurement system integrated in a linear guideway size HG20, 25 and QH20, 25


Ball linear gideways type HG, CG, EG and WE could be coated to reach higher corrosion resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance.

Linear guideways HG and…


Linear technology machine elements must be adequately supplied with lubricant to ensure correct functioning and a long service life. The lubricant is a constructional…