Intelligence in motion

RG/QR series

The RG series provides extremely good rigidity and very good loading capacity. QR type with SynchMotionTM technology.


RGH square block

Roller type square linear guide blocks are produced in standard RGH-CA or long RGH-HA version.

RGW flanged block

Roller type flange linear guide block are produced in standard RGW-CC or long RGW-HC version. Given their low height and larger mounting surface, flange…

QRH square block

Square block with SynchMotionTM technology for mounting from above

QRW flanged block

Flanged block QRW for mounting from above or from bottom. Given their low height and larger mounting surface, flange blocks are better suited to large loads…

Rail RGR type R

Rail type R for mounting from top.

Rail RGR type T

Rail type T for mounting from the bottom.

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