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Ball spline

The concept of ball spline is optimal for the application involving high speeds, intense vibrations, impacts of loading sequences and precise positioning requirements. Also when the ball spline is used to function as a linear bushing, the ball spline provides 10x the loading capacity compared to the ordinary linear ball bearing bushing sharing similar dimensions but with a more compact profile.


Ball spline shaft SC

Every groove on the spline shaft is precision ground to form a perfect 40° angular contact point. The concept of 40° contact design is to increases the…

Ball bushing SLT

SLT series features high load-carrying capacity, high rigidity and high sensitivity, lowering the consumption of energy, SLT series is one of the easiest…

Flanged ball bushing SLF

SLF series is ground to form a perfect 40° angular contact point, increasing the load-carrying capacity and rigidity,