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Сачмени винтове

Ball screws are machine parts for transfortmation of the rotary to linear movement with high accuracy nad efficiency. According to production process of the ball screw shafts there are rolled, peeled and ground ball screws.

Ролковани винтове

For applications with lower accuracy, but favourable price and fast delivery term. Deliveries directly from stock Brno. End machining acc. to your drawing…

Peeled ball screws

For peeled ballscrews, a wide variety of nut designs is available as single or double nuts. Complete ballscrews can be custom manufactured with a short…

Шлифовани винтове

Used for more precise applications. Single or double nuts, accuracy classes P1 or P5 or other. Forms of the nuts and end machning according to the customers…


Protection of the ball screws by chrome coating or covering.

Support bearings

SFA/SLA - bearing housings for peeled or ground ball screws, EK/EF - bearing housings for rolled ball screws size 8, 10 a 12, BK/BF - bearing…

Oбработка на краища

HIWIN is able to provide end machining of the ball screws according to your drawing. To help you see recommended end machinings for different types of…


Wide range of accessories for the ball screws.


Linear technology machine elements must be adequately supplied with lubricant to ensure correct functioning and a long service life. The lubricant is a…

Tрапецовидни винтове

Tрапецовидни пръти, фланцовe и цилиндричнe га́йки

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