RG/QR series

The RG series provides extremely good rigidity and very good loading capacity. QR type with SynchMotionTM technology.



Roller type square linear guide blocks are produced in long RGH-HA or short RGH-CA version.


Roller type flange linear guide block are produced in long RGW-HC or short RGW-CC version.

QRW block

Flanged block QRW se čtyřmi válečkovými oběžnými drahami s válečky uloženými v plastové kleci pomoci technolgie SynchMotionTM pro všechny…

QRH block

Low Noise Design With SynchMotionTM technology, rolling elements are interposed between the partitions of SynchMotionTM to provide…

Rail RGR type R

Rail type R for mounting from top.

Rail RGR type T

Rail type T for mounting from the bottom.