Linear technology machine elements must be adequately supplied with lubricant to ensure correct functioning and a long service life. The lubricant is a constructional element and should already be taken into consideration when designing a machine. The operating temperature rage and operating and ambient conditions must be considered when selecting a lubricant.


design E2

The oil reservoir is implemented direct in the car body. There are no problems with the car lubrication during operation.

Direct lubrication system FlexxPump 400 DLS

Automatical grease-lubrication for ball screws spindle and linear rails directly pulse-controlled by PLC.

Lubrication fitting

Lubrication fittings for blocks


Lubrication nipples for blocks

Tube connectors

Tube connectors for connecting of the blocks to central lubrication system. Grease filled tubes Ø6 also available.

Lubrication grease HIWIN PLO-05

Lubrication grease for linear guideways and ball screws for standard use

Grease guns

We offer 2 types of grease guns incl. set of nozzles

Lubrication grease HIWIN G0

HIWIN offers lubrication grease G0 for different use.


Oil SHC-639 for filling of E2 lubrication unit