QR series

The models of the QR series with SynchMotion™ technology offer all the positive properties of the standard series RG.

Controlled movement of the rollers at a defined distance also results in improved synchronous performance, higher reliable travel speeds, extended lubrication intervals and less running noise. Since the installation dimensions of the QR blocks are identical to those of the RG blocks, they are also fitted on the RGR standard rail and can therefore be interchanged with ease.


QRH block

Low Noise Design With SynchMotionTM technology, rolling elements are interposed between the partitions of SynchMotionTM to provide…

QRW block

Flanged block QRW se čtyřmi válečkovými oběžnými drahami s válečky uloženými v plastové kleci pomoci technolgie SynchMotionTM pro všechny…