Series QE

Low Noise Design With SynchMotion TM technology, rolling elements are interposed between the partitions of SynchMotion TM to provide impoved circulation. 
Due to the elimination of contact between the rolling elements, collision noise and sound levels are drastically reduced. 

Self-Lubricant Design The partition is a grouping of hollow ring-like structures formed with a through hole to facilitate circulation of the lubricant. Because of the special lubrication path design, the lubricant of the partition storage space can be refilled. Therefore, the frequency of lubricant refilling can be decreased.

The QE-series linear guideway is pre-lubricated.



Kuličky v ložiskových klecích, úzký vozík.


Kuličky v ložiskových klecích, přírubový vozík.

Kolejnice typu R

průchozí díra

Kolejnice typu T

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